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Building Inspections Melbourne

A Building inspection is always a good idea to identify any issues with your building, including repairs, maintenance or problems that may occur.  

Who is a Building Inspection for?

A building inspection is suitable for 

  • Home Owner/Occupiers

  • Homeowners considering a DIY renovation or extension

  • Home Buyers

  • Vendors

  • Property Investors

  • Property Managers

  • Commercial Clients


What are the benefits of a Building Inspection?

If you're considering buying a property, renovating, or extending, a building inspection is advised to assess the current condition of the property before any work should begin, reducing the possibility of unforeseen and expensive additional work during the project. 

The benefits to you of a building inspection are

  • Allow you to better plan your maintenance, repairs, renovation or extension, 

  • Reduce the chance of your budget being exceeded, 

  • Identify defects, problem areas and safety risks,

  • Allow you to repair existing problems before they get worse and cost you more $$$,

  • Check for termites and other pets that can cause damage,  

  • Check for other safety risks such as asbestos etc. 

A building inspection will assess any evidence of current structural damage or defects and any conditions that may lead to further structural damage. 

What is assessed during a Building Inspection?

A building inspection will examine and asses

  • The standards of any electrical work,

  • Plumbing, drainage etc,

  • Gutters, downpipes etc,

  • Roof & Roof space,

  • All walls,

  • Underfloor areas,

  • Windows, doors and their operational condition,

  • Fittings & fixtures throughout the home,

  • Kitchen cabinets, cupboards etc,

  • Driveways, 

  • Outbuildings incl sheds, carports, garages etc. 


When is the best time to get a Building Inspection done?​

The best time to get a building inspection done depends on your circumstances. for example, if you're considering buying a residential home or an investment property, it's always a good idea to get a building inspection done before you agree to buy the property. Maybe you're considering an extension or repairs to your home, then a building inspection is highly recommended before any work begins to ensure your tradesmen experience a minimum of unexpected problems that can add to your costs. 


Petracon can advise you if you need a building inspection and answer all your questions. 

Click Here to Book a Call About a Building Inspection. 

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