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Petracon Building Surveying Group specialises in all aspects of regulatory consulting and statutory administration requirements associated with residential and commercial projects.


We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of service and expertise on all types of projects to ensure we work to your requirements and timelines.

Expert Advice

Over 15 years experience looking after the needs of our clients, providing the right service, permits and advice. 

Competitive Rates

All our prices are comprensive and importantly, do not include any hidden extras. Trust and integrity means a lot to us.

Quality Service

You are our No 1 priority, we ensure you're happy with our services by providing the standards of service you expect. 

Building Permits
  • Demolition Permits


  • Building Permits and Inspections

  • Domestic – Single Dwellings, Extensions, Multi Unit Developments & Re-Developments, Swimming Pools, Veranda’s, Decks, Underpinning


  • Residential – Apartments, Boarding Houses, Student Accommodation, Hotels, Motels, and Backpackers Accommodation


  • Educational – Child Care, Schools, TAFE, Universities.


  • Commercial – Medical Centres, Offices, Retail, Shopping Centres, Public Buildings, Churches


  • Industrial – Industrial Complexes & Developments, Factory's and Warehouses


  • Health Care - Aged Care, Clinics, Hospitals


  •  Mandatory Building Inspections


  •  Certificate of Final Inspection


  •  Occupancy Permits

Building Regulation Advice & Consulting
  • Performance Solution Assessments

  • Building Legislation Interpretation

  • Commercial and Domestic Regulations & Advice

  • Council Report & Consent Applications

  • Disability Discrimination Access Advice

  • Energy Efficiency Reviews (Section J)

  • Fire Brigade Report & Consent Applications

  • Identification of Cost Saving Design Options

  • Illegal building works - Council Notice and Order Resolutions

  • Liquor Licence Reports

  • Schematic Design Review and Reporting

  Appeals & Modifications

Preparation of Building Appeals Board Modifications under Section160

 Essential Safety Measures
Maintenance Reports
  • ESM Maintenance Schedule

  • Annual ESM Reports

  • Passive and/or Active ESM Audits

  • Essential Safety Measures Services

Fire Safety Audits
  • Aged Care Accreditation Inspections & Reports

  • Fire Safety & Risk Audits and Reports

  • Fire Safety Engineering Reports & Independent Reviews

Council Building Notice / Order 
Building Certification
  • Illegal Building Works Certification

  • Compliance & Certification

  BCA Performance Based Assessments
  • Peer Review of Fire Engineered or Performance Based Alternative Solutions

  • Fire Performance Based Assessments

Building Notice / Building Order 
(Failure to Obtain a Building permit)
  • Council issued building notice resolution.

  • Council issued building order compliance.

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