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Help with a Council Building Notice Melbourne

So what is a Council Building Notice / Order?

In Victoria, it is a legal requirement that specific building work must be carried out following the assessment of a registered building surveyor and the relevant building permits applied for, approved and provided. Full compliance is required to meet the council building notice regulations. If the municipal building surveyor of the local council is informed of or has reason to believe that Illegal building works have commenced or have been completed without a building permit being issued, then a Council Building Notice is issued. 

Building permits are issued to ensure that any work undertaken adheres to certain industry standards. If the standards are not adhered to, then problems can occur including safety risks etc, and can start to incur additional legal fees and the probability of further legal action if the building notice is not complied with. 

Usually, a council building notice will provide a description of the unauthorized building work and request that the property owner to explain why they do not have the relevant permits in place. The objective of the council is to ensure that building standards are met, so you may be asked to 

  1. Carry out specific building work to achieve compliance.

  2. Organize inspections by industry authorities including registered building surveyors, engineers etc, 

  3. Immediately cease any further building work on the property until the matter is resolved,

  4. Demolish the illegal building works.

  5. Comply with a further council building order and undergo additional inspections.    

What should you do if you have received a Council Building Notice / Order?

Firstly, it's important to understand that a council building notice is an important legal document and if not managed correctly, can cause additional stress and the probability of additional costs including legal fees etc. Understanding this type of situation is what we're highly experienced in and we've advised many people before you on the best approach to a solution and an outcome acceptable to the council and the council building order.  

Contact us today to discuss your council building notice or council building order, to asses your situation, answer your questions and advise you further. 

Click Here to Book a Call About Your Council Building Notice 

Get the answers to your questions.

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